Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to Work

Second post after coming home. Lots of things had to be done. First, was to mentally win my room back from my Mom. She had kept it clean (in her perspective) and ready for me except that I could not find anything I wanted without searching for it for at least half an hour. She had messed up my order in a really deep way that I have no idea how the room looked like when I was a living member in it. I have a doubt that my Mom even shifted a wall poster.

Any way, Lots of things that I used to use regularly had stopped working; my lap top, my scooter etc. I had ordered a hell lot of books when I was not at home, thinking that I'd read all of'em when I get home. But, my easy chair was out in the balcony all these 7 months and the cloth became too damp and rough which made the chair unusable till yesterday.

I repaired my scooter (even changed the battery) and laptop (which was hanging every other second) and I can say 'good-bye' to Mom's desktop.

My office-going days are gonna start from Monday onwards and I am gonna blend into the Bangalore crowd soon.
So, I hope for something to post when I finally get some time to use the balcony. After all, it's called Balcony Viewpoints!

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